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2011 NFL Football Season Review

2011 NFL Football Season Review (0)

It's hard to believe the 2011 NFL football season is coming to a close on Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th. After completely renovating the entire area and adding five HD flats, along with our 200 inch wall screen, the place came to life.

Our friends from the group, began with just a handful of members, then growing it each week to almost a hundred members is a teastament to them all.  The whole environment was exciting every Sunday, we looked forward to getting together and having a great time.  When the playoffs hit and the Steelers and the 49er's were in, it was pitched with who was going to go the distance.  It didn't work out for either of them but the season run was awesome.  We look forward to this coming season and making it bigger and better!  Thank you to everyone who made the 2011 NFL season one to remember.

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New Beer Selection

New Beer Selection (0)

Francesca's sports bar carries Yuengling Lager, the oldest brewery in the United States 1829. This impossible to get beer anywhere on the west coast, is here for your enjoyment.

We also recevied another incredibly tough and voted one of the best beers in the world, Russian River Brewery Pliny The Elder.  We pride oursleves on carrying tough to find and great tasting beers!

Added NEW DRAFT BEER Selections:  Click the link below to see one of the largest draft beer selections in the Bay Area!


These added draft beers brings our total selection count to 27!!  Come on by and try some of the BEST beers available.

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Monday, 07 November 2011 05:49

South Bay Steelers Bar @ Francescas

Written by Mike @ Francescas

Francesca’s sports bar & Grill  is the official home to the South Bay Steelers Club!

This venue sports a total of 12 TV’s including 12 HD flat screens and a 200 inch big screen!

From the South Bay Steelers page:

"We’re a fun-loving group of diehard Steelers fans who live, work, and play in the South Bay Area. South of San Francisco, California, that is. Whether you’ve lived here a long time, or you’ve just moved to the area, stop by on a Sunday and help us help you cheer on the one, the only: the black and gold!"

-- Andrew, the organizer of the South Bay Steelers meetup group.

Each week the bar is bigger and better, today they gave away tickets to everyone in the bar for a beer at half time..

The things going on inside this place is anything goes to make this place THE destination!! The energy is over the top!! Even the non-Steeler fans get a smile with the excitement generated by the SouthbaySteelerNation!!